What is vinyl and how is it used as apparell decoration?
Vinyl is used for low volume garment decoration, one to several pieces.  Typical application is a name on the back of a garment.  A customer often supplies a design or we can generate a design.  We use specialty software to generate a file that translates your design into a format that allows us to custom cut your vinyl design. 

Although the number of colors in a design can be endless, it is not practical to have more than two or three colors, we have processes for high ly colored designs. 

We purchase a specially formulated  vinyl that is specifically formulated to adhere and bond to clothing.  There is a variety of color choices and specialty varieteies like reflective and glitter.  There a sveral types of vinyl and we utalize them for cotton and synthetic garments like polyester, spandex and nylons.

What is a transfer?
There are several types of transfers, the most common is a screen printed transfer.  Which is basically screen printing on a special paper and the ink is not fully cured.  We then take the preprepared screen printed transfer and use heat to activate and cure the transfer to the garment.

Another type of transfer is a sublimation, this only works on synthetic materils primarily light colored or white polyester.  A special dye is printed on sublimation paper.  Colors are pretty well matched and can be unlimited in quntity, shading and shadowing are common.  This process works well very highly colored designs.  The sublimation is applied  by laying the design over the garment and applying heat and pressure.  The heat turns the ink into a gas and the gas attaches to the polyester imbedding the ink into the polysester fibers.  You can't feel the design on the material.  Pictures and highly detailed design can be applied to garments.

Digitally printed transfers are also very detailed and offer unlimited colors.  This type of transfer can be used on cotton or polyster and some other synthetics.  This is a process that is cost effective with designs over three colors.  Applied with heat, has a soft feel and very durable.  Pictures and highly detailed design can be applied to garments.